Allianz High Dividend Global Sharia Equity Dollar Fund 


USD (United States Dollar) 

Allianz High Dividend Global Sharia Equity Dollar Fund offers diversified dividend exposure and long-term risk premiums, independent of economic or market environment. Sharia aspects are implemented without interference in investment style allocation. 


Investment Policy

  • minimum of 80% and maximum of 100% of the Net Asset Value of equity Sharia Securities tradable in either onshore or offshore, which is contained in the Sharia Securities List; 

  • minimum of 0% and a maximum of 20% of the Net Asset Value of onshore Sharia money market instruments issued with a maturity of less than 1 (one) year and/or Sharia deposits 

  • minimum 51% investment of the Net Asset Value of Equity Offshore Sharia Securities;

In accordance with the prevailing legislations in Indonesia

Investment Risk classification

Investment Risk classification


Key Facts

Fund category Equity
Launch date 2 October 2023
Custodian Bank PT Bank HSBC Indonesia
Initial Offering Unit Price USD$ 1.00 (one) U.S. Dollar
Minimum Initial Investment USD$ 10,000 (ten thousand) U.S. Dollar
Minimum Additional Investment/ Top Up USD$ 10,000 (ten thousand) U.S. Dollar




Management fee

Max. 3 %

Custodian fee

Max. 0.25 %

Subscription fee

Max. 3 %

Redemption fee

Max. 2 %

Switching fee

Max. 2 %

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