*Customer Complaint Handling Procedure

In order to provide the best service for PT Allianz Global Investors Asset Management Indonesia customers regarding customer complaint services, please contact the following :

Phone :    +6221 3952 5050
Email :     CS.ID@allianzgi.com

Customers can also submit complaint related to services or products on every working day (8am – 5pm). Please include complete customer data regarding the submitted complaint. Below are the detailed procedures for handling customer complaints (referring to POJK No. 22 of 2023 concerning Consumer and Public Protection in the Financial Services Sector) :

  1. PT Allianz Global Investors Asset Management Indonesia receives and records complaints from customers. After that, a verification process will be carried out regarding customer data and regarding complaints that have been submitted.
  2. If there is a deficiency in the complaint documents submitted, PT Allianz Global Investors Asset Management Indonesia will give 10 (ten) working days so that the customer can complete the lack of documents and under certain conditions the period can be extended for the next 10 (ten) working days.
  3. Customer complaints submitted in oral form will be resolved within a maximum of 5 (five) working days. For customer complaints in written form, they must be completed within 10 (ten) working days from the receipt of complete documents. Under certain conditions, the period may be extended for a maximum of 10 (ten) working days with written notification to the customer. Complaints resolution that exceed the stated time period must be notified in writing to the customer.
  4. Responses to written complaints from customers will be submitted in writing. And in the condition that the complaint is submitted verbally, PT Allianz Global Investors Asset Management Indonesia will submit a response to the complaint verbally and/or in writing.
  5. In the condition that the customer complaint cannot be resolved by PT Allianz Global Investors Asset Management Indonesia, it will be referred to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institution established by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

*Publication of Customer Complaint Handling
PT Allianz Global Investors Asset Management Indonesia
Period January – December 2023 : NIL

*For media relations, please contact:
Phone : +6221 3952 5050

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